CoolBlue Inductive Absorbers

AC Motor Drive systems utilizing variable frequency controls produce high frequency
electrical noise. The noise is superimposed on the power drive lines of the motors in the
form of common mode noise. The common mode noise creates a voltage (dv/dt) across
the rotor/stator of the motor resulting in a discharge current through the lubrication andCool Blue Inductive Absorbers
motor bearings to the motor raceway. This current discharge produces an EDM effect (Electrical Discharge Machining) that causes destructive pitting and damage to the motor
raceway, and premature lubrication breakdown. The end result is premature failure of the motor causing expensive repairs and system downtime.

Inductive absorption is an electrical solution whereas inductive components are placed over the drive cables to absorb the transient voltage and common mode currents.The inductive components need to have high permeability,high saturation,and low power loss.They do not affect the symmetrical power currents but efficiently dampen the asymmetrical EMI noise currents.This creates a common mode choke.
The initial installation cost is about the same,or less,as other solutions.The long term costs are negligible as there is no maintenance,or replacement ever needed with this solution.