PdMA – Predictive Motor Analysis

PdMA (Predictive Maintenance) is a sophisticated system of trending the condition of your critical machinery.


Utilizing the MCEMax all in one tester, electrical rotating machinery can be analyzed both statically and dynamically, utilizing the 6 Fault Zones

  • Power Circuit
  • Power Quality
  • Insulation
  • Stator
  • Rotor
  • Air Gap

The MCEMax can perform multiple tests within each of these fault zones to accurately diagnose the condition of the machine and trend any degradation and future potential issues.

Why wait for a failure of your critical equipment, which can cost you thousands of dollars in unplanned downtime and repairs, when you can be aware of the overall condition, and plan any required maintenance on your time.

Armature Electric Ltd has the skills, expertise and equipment to perform PdMA on your equipment, analyze the data and provide you with detailed reports to keep you well informed on the condition of your assets.

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